The Power of Rest & Renewal

Sept. 2020 — Newsletter #001

Fresh-Baked Idea: Apocalypse, But Make It Pro-Self-Love & Sexy

It would be so trite to say, “I wish I was starting this newsletter on better terms,” or “I wish I was re-launching Cherry Magazine under better circumstances.” But TBH, Cherry’s relaunch could not have happened without this dumpster fire of a year. I wouldn’t have ceased traveling every damn month, started actually addressing my severe mental health challenges, or have given myself permission “to fail” without extenuating circumstances. Between a global pandemic, a modern-day civil rights movement, and my subsequent crocodile death-rolls with depression and anxiety, 2020 has delivered its fair share of extenuating circumstances.

To the Day 1’s, I’m excited to share my cherry-flavored creative juices with you in this fresh, more intentional format. To my new lovelies (new pledges in a gang that long-time Cherry contributor Sonali Tzul has simply dubbed “Cherries”), buckle up! I am a Black, non-binary, sexually fluid disaster. I claim to be down-to-earth, but my Libra stellium makes me esoteric and bougie. I also have a heart that’s too big for my 5-foot-nothing body. I’m hoping that, along with a chuckle as you peek into chaos, these queer ass love letters will bring you some positive food for thought as we navigate the End Times together.

Read Of The Month: My Skin After Crying Every Day

This month, I bring to your attention an explainer on how crying affects the skin. While this may seem like just a literal, journalistic read — instead of the kind that’s typically thought of when queer Black folks say “read” — this article is a read in and of itself. Its timeliness hits too close to home. TL;DR: Crying yourself to sleep, your eyes’ subsequent puffiness, and the gravity of laying down afterward is the perfect recipe for looking busted. Additionally, anxiety, which is in high supply these days, breaks your skin out with the cortisol surge.

The Medicine Cabinet: Shea Brand

Sonali Tzul (they/them), aka La Niña Fresa, tried out two (gifted) skincare goods from Shea Brand. Here’s what they had to say about the products.

“Hi, Cherries! I hope you are staying safe during this time. Like most people, I’ve found that quarantine has definitely affected my routine and I’m taking less care of my skin. I woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and saw how dull my skin was. I decided to take action and rescue it. 

For my face, I used the CBD & Electric Daisy Enzyme Face Mask ($40, contains 50 mg of CBD), which helped cleanse the dirt and oil build-up. The mask is really gentle, so it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry. This face mask has a creamsicle-like smell, and the microbeads don’t feel too abrasive. 

“Then, I followed it up with the CBD & Electric Daisy Regenerative Serum ($65, also contains 50 mg of CBD). I know it may be a steep price, but when I tell you how supple your skin feels afterward... it’s absolutely worth every penny. The instructions say to mix it with your favorite moisturizer, but even alone it does wonders. My skin is now glowing and feels renewed.”

The Final Beat

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And, here we are! You’ve made it to the end of the first Cherry newsletter. I’ll be back in your inbox come October with more queer-centric fashion, beauty, and wellness conversations. (It will have been Libra season and spooky season by then, so you know I’ll be in my bag!)

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Sending goat cheese, puff pastry, and cherry jam (aka lots of love),

Caroline Colvin